The Most Expensive Earphone


Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1, Most Expensive Headphones With Super Premium Quality

For music lovers, headphones are a must-have. Because of any activity and anytime, feel more comfortable when accompanied by the accompaniment of favorite music. In fact, most people get used to working while listening to music, in order to increase morale. When choosing, the first thing to do is look at the specifications of the headphones. Because of the good specifications, very influential on the quality of its voice. Rich or no sound of a headphone, depending on the frequency response. Frequency response is a measure of how wide the range of sound frequencies a headphone can generate. One of the best headphones is the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1. HE 1 itself is the second generation of Orpheus HE 90 iconic headphones output 1991.

Orpheus HE 90 characteristic is still maintained, it comes with a package of amplifiers. The difference, Sennheiser now combines the advantages of tube amplifiers and transistor amplifiers in a patented circuit design. The innovation generates a frequency response between 8 Hz to 100 kHz. The range is beyond human hearing ability that ranges only 20 Hz to 20 kHz. As a result, users can hear sound components that are richer and more detailed.

In addition, each tube is tasked with reducing distortion to the lowest point in the audio reproduction system, reaching 0.01 percent at 1 kHz with 100 dB sound pressure. Specifications were claimed to be able to produce super clear audio and warm, with similar quality to hear the original sound or often called high fidelity. Even so, tube amplifiers have a deficiency that is susceptible to air noise and sensitive to vibration. Sennheiser also tackles it by putting the tube on a marble base Carrara. This type of natural stone is able to reduce the noise that propagates on its body. Previously, Carrara was known as the main material on sculptures made by Michaelangelo. Overall, there are 6,000 components on HE 1 that are structured to produce a powerful audio listening experience. In the internal components, Sennheiser inserts ceramic electrodes wrapped in gold and platinum-plated diaphragms. The material is considered fit to ensure the performance of acoustic sound.


Tips for Choosing the Right Headphones

Headphones can be the right choice if you feel comfortable to put them around the neck while walking from one place to another (or if you feel comfortable to carry it that way). You can also get devices with thicker cables or more interesting options, such as wireless / Bluetooth devices. The drawback is good quality headphones that are sold with the price range you want may be difficult to find. In addition, headphones take up more space than earbuds, especially DJ-style headphones that take up a lot of places if you do not carry larger bags. In general, more expensive headphone products are made from better quality materials, and better mechanisms/technology to improve the quality of voice output. One of the most expensive headphones is HiFiMAN Shangri-La which is priced at 50 thousand USD. Anyone who likes music must make headphones as companion compulsory on the device music player, laptop, until the smartphone.

So many types and types of headphones in the market sometimes confuse us in choosing headphones, especially if we do not really understand about the audio world. Then how to choose the appropriate headphones for our needs?

1. Determine the Genre of Music You Are Listening to First, you must determine the type of music you hear most often. The type of music will affect the type of headphones because each music has its own character.

2. Headphone Usage Time Headphone usage time also affects the type of headphones. You can use a closed headphones if you want to use it outdoors because it will give isolation to noise. Can also choose a compact headphone and compatible with mobile devices. As for the indoors or privacy circumstances, you can choose the type of headphones open with maximum sound quality.

3. Closed or Open Headphones Many people think that earcup design on headphones is the same, but in reality different. Open Headphones have an open earcup design, can be small holes or nets so that air and pressure can enter the inside of the headphones. It allows more natural sound and also produces a wider soundstage than closed headphones. suitable for listening to concerts and natural music, low level of sound insulation. While Closed Headphones are the opposite. It has no air cavity so it sounds isolated inside the earcup. Soundstage becomes restrained and the sound character is also not very natural. The minus is the sound becomes less natural but is suitable for EDM music and music with strong bass.


About Earphone

About frame About

German Audio specialist Sennheiser has added another crown to its line-up after its legendary $55,000 (~ Rs 35 Lakh) headphones ‘Orpheus’. This time, the company has taken it even further and is calling the release ‘the world’s best and finest headphones’ and they have named it the Sennheiser HE 1.I wish I could tell you exactly why these Earphones are so damned expensive, but the deeper my research has gone, the more oblivious I become. The language used to describe the technical capabilities of the EAMT-1s is even more alien to me than the vocabulary audiophiles employ to explain the various qualities of sound.


Types of Earphone

Product 1


This type of headphone can be closed or open-backed. The term circumaural refers to how it cups your ear. Circumaural models are sometimes referred to as “over the ear headphones” Their padding encircles the ear and forms a seal. These headphones are usually comfortable, and closed-back models provide isolation from external sounds and keep the headphone sounds from leaking out. A circumaural design is a good choice for recording applications and for DJs who need to monitor music in loud environments.

Product 2


This type of headphone, as the name suggests, falls between a fully open design and a closed-back design. While some sound leakage can occur, there is less than with an open-back design. Semi-open headphones usually offer a realistic stereo field, low distortion, and extended low-frequency response. They are often used for recording where there are no open microphones to pick up sound leaking from them.

Product 3

Closed or sealed

This type offers the greatest sound isolation. The backs of the earpieces are completely closed, which, along with an effective seal around the ear, prevents sound from passing in either direction. This design is especially good for monitoring in loud environments, and for use in recording because they keep sound from leaking out and being picked up by microphones. They also tend to have strong bass response, so DJs mixing dance music prefer them. On the downside, they can cause ear fatigue when used for extended periods.



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